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Welcome to IMX

Independent Media Exchange (IMX) is a Philippines-based information resource especially for amateur journalists and media practitioners.
Established in June 2020, IMX intends to become an outlet for crowd-sourced news and information, while serving as an educational tool for people who desire to land a career in journalism and broadcasting.
The name of the site itself connotes an organization or association that exchanges information in an independent sense, and that is precisely what this site intends to be — the home for publishing independently sourced news, information, and opinion as well.

Our Objectives

Like most media organizations and societies, Independent Media Exchange also intends to encourage the free and responsible exchange of information, and ideas and opinions.

This exchange is necessary for each person to be adequately informed about the events and the issues occurring around his community, because only by being so could we expect ourselves to act responsibly as members of society. No matter how we behave, there is no way we can distance ourselves too far away from the community where we belong, and from the norms and standards that each of us is expected to conform to in order to preserve harmony.

But other than those objectives, IMX also desires to encourage in each human being the active desire to help preserve the world’s cultural heritage, and to gain enough knowledge and skill to be able create objects of art and objects of practical use.

It is our belief that we can never be considered productive members of our community if we are not able to contribute useful information, ideas and opinions, or objects of art or practical use for this generation and those coming after us.