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Welcome to Independent Media Exchange. We’re glad you found this site. We invite you to browse through the contents of this website and to leave your comments anywhere there’s a comment form.

Media today is so dynamic because of the many platforms that are now available on the internet for people to share media — words, images, video, art, software; the list is so mixed that it becomes unlimited, and it keeps on growing day by day, or maybe by the minute. In fact, it is so dynamic that anyone with a smart phone can now upload any information, image, video or any form of media in an instant, even before verifying whether what the info shows is true or half true, or not true at all!

It is because of this very dynamic nature of media that everyone is now finding it difficult to discern fact from fiction. Here at IMX, we intend to contribute to making it easier for the worldwide audience to discern between truth and fiction.

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