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Independent Media Exchange (IMX) is a Philippines-based information resource especially for amateur journalists and media practitioners. Established in June 2020, IMX intends to become an outlet for crowd-sourced news and information, while serving as an educational tool for people who desire to land a career in journalism and broadcasting.

The name of the site itself connotes an organization or association that exchanges information in an independent sense, and that is precisely what this site intends to be — the home for publishing independently sourced news, information, and opinion as well.

These types on content may be in any form that’s available — written text, pictures, video, data, documents — in the digital space. There is now no limits on what kind of medium any serious independent journalist can use, given the speed at which technology is able to adjust to the need to distribute media. It is up to the practitioner to make use of whichever medium or combination of media is most useful for him or her.