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Writing: Your Basic Skill

For journalists, whether they be with a newspaper or magazine or with a fairly large radio and TV network, good writing is a basic skill that your organization would look for among other qualifications.

Of course, among of the first communication skills that we learn upon entering school is reading and writing. You learn to read first and at about the same time you learn to write. This happens even earlier than school, if your parents cared enough to teach you at home. For many of us, we learn to listen and speak at home, and then learn to read and write when we start school.

It is presumed you already know how to write by the time you get to this site. There’s no need to get back to the basics of writing, except to remind you that the way you speak influences, or reflects, the way you write. And when it comes to sharing information, or writing stories, it would be advisable to write the way you speak. That is the most effective way, presuming you have learned to speak in a clear, conversational and straightforward manner. If not, then you will first have to learn to speak well.

As far as speaking well is concerned, any skilled speaker will not be able impart anything useful by writing, but he’d be more effective by speaking! I did not learn to speak well by reading — yes, that did help — but by listening to good speakers: my mother, my teachers, my few American friends who were adults when I was a kid, and good voices on the radio.

I learned to write well early, and learned to speak well much later, and that when I was getting more interested in mass media day by day and I knew I had to make some adjustments about my being “too silent,” if I wanted to go ahead and pursue my interest.

Having been a prolific writer in both my native tongue and in English — prolific meaning I’ve written professionally in both languages — there’s one important piece of advice that I must share with amateur writers and students: write how you speak. That goes without saying, learn to speak well at the most appropriate time and in the most appropriate manner. Once you’ve acquired some proficiency at speaking well, you’ll find it a lot easier to write more effectively — at the most appropriate time and in the most appropriate manner.